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Friends and Members of Marlow Museum


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Friends of Marlow Museum


We warmly invite you to become a Friend of Marlow Museum.


Friends support the museum through their subscription and enjoyable and sociable fundraising events. More details below.


Friends Membership is £15 a year for individuals or £20 for families for which you get:

  • 4 Newsletters a year.



  • Priority invitations to Exhibition Openings,
  • Invitations to social and fundraising events,
  • 10% discount on items for sale in the Museum.


Please print out and complete the friends application form and send it with your subscription.


Members of Marlow Museum


Members are the core supporters and pay a Membership subscription of £10 a year for an individual and £15 for a family. Members vote at the AGM to elect people from among their number to serve on the Executive Committee and run the Museum. Members also receive 4 newsletters a year.

To become a member please print out and complete the members application form and send it with your subscription.


The distinction between members and friends is explained a bit further down this page.



All subscriptions (Friends and Members) will run from May 1st to April 30th each year. They can be paid by a cheque made out to Marlow Museum Centre Project and sent to the Treasurer c/o Marlow Museum, Court Garden, Pound Lane, Marlow SL7 2AE. Alternatively you may pay by standing order ( details to send to your bank are listed in the appropriate application form  ).



To explain the distinction between a Member and a Friend of the museum:


Marlow Museum is a membership organisation - we are required by our Constitution to have Members, who vote at the AGM to elect people from among their number to serve on the Executive Committee and run the Museum. Members receive four newsletters a year.


But some people would like to support us in other more informal ways. Our 'Friends of Marlow Museum' group supports the museum through enjoyable and sociable fundraising events, such as our annual Bridge Evening. The aim is to increase the number of supporters and raise more funds to improve and grow the museum. We offer specific benefits for those who become Friends. Individual membership of Friends is £15 a year and £20 for Family Membership.


As a Friend you will receive:

- four newsletters a year

- priority invitations to openings of new exhibitions

- priority invitations to social and fundraising events

- 10% off all purchases in the museum


and the opportunity to make new friends too.



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Marlow Museum,
by entrance to Court Garden Leisure Centre,
Pound Lane, Marlow,
SL7 2AE.



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